How do I know if I should be considered an expert?

There are a number of things to consider depending on your point of interest.

  • Media source - Are you well versed enough in a subject or discipline to be quoted by the media?
  • Speaker - Can you deliver a speech to an off-campus audience on your subject or discipline?
  • Collaborative researcher - Would you be open to working in collaboration with other faculty/staff on research or special projects?

Why do I have to use an intranet account to make/change my profile?

To protect the information in Experts Online, your intranet username and password are required to create or update your profile. All Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff, and students are automatically issued an intranet account when they are entered into the campus PeopleSoft and Banner administrative computing systems. An intranet account is a unique Cal Poly Pomona identity consisting of a username and password. It can be used to access a wide variety of Cal Poly Pomona computing resources, including campus e-mail, http/web offerings, file shares, and certain software resources. It is also used to identify your student or faculty administrative records in the campus administrative computing systems.

I have many passwords and accounts, which one is for the Intranet?

The intranet account username is also used as the basis for your corresponding Cal Poly Pomona e-mail address, thus the Intranet account name corresponds to the user part of your Cal Poly Pomona e-mail account name. Note that you may examine and modify your Intranet account settings using the Intranet Configuration page at http://www.cpp.edu/intranet/services.

Why was my profile edited?

The Office of Public Affairs may edit profiles to check for grammar, spelling and ensure consistency within Experts Online.

I am confused about the field and specialization format. Can you explain it?

Experts Online provides a list of 17 general "fields" from which you can choose. This is to help people who are looking for experts in a broad area of interest. For example, the local Science Club may look for a speaker by searching for all experts in the field "Physical & Natural Sciences" or a local reporter may search for all experts in the field "Cal Poly Pomona" to find someone who could comment on a current university issue.

The "specialization" is to further clarify and specify the expert's areas of knowledge, research or understanding. For example, an expert in the "Agriculture" field may specialize in "Soil Science," "Waste Management" and "Water Quality."

I have a curriculum vita, but not in PDF format. How can I upload it into my profile?

E-mail your curriculum vita (in Microsoft Word format) to media specialist Uyen Mai at estherchou@cpp.edu. She will create a PDF and upload it into your profile. If you have any questions, call her at (909) 869-5331.

I don't have a digital photo of myself. How can I get one for my profile?

Contact university photographer Tom Zasadzinski at (909) 869-3404 and schedule an appointment for a portrait. You can also e-mail him at tzasadzinski@cpp.edu.

My question isn't on this list, who can I talk to?

Feel free to contact media specialist Tim Lynch at (909) 869-3346 or gtlynch@cpp.edu.

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