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Welcome to Experts Online!
This easy-to-use directory lists the specialties of hundreds of Cal Poly Pomona scholars, professionals and administrators. This listing is not all-inclusive and may not include every expert or topic of interest. If you have trouble reaching a source or need assistance, please call the Office of Public Affairs at (909) 869-3342.

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Field / Specialization
Dr. Kamran Abedini
Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
  - Ergonomics, Engineering
Mr. Ahmed Abo-Hebeish
Lecturer, Accounting
Business & Economics
  - Islam: religion, practice, cultural misunderstandings, Arab and Islamic culture in the Middle East
Dr. Stanley C. Abraham
Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Business & Economics
  - Corporate strategies, strategic planning, corporate ethics, leadership, startup and emerging ventures
Dr. Nina Abramzon
Assistant Professor
Physical & Life Sciences
  - Atomic and Molecular Physics, Plasma Physics
Parvin Abyaneh
  - Political Sociology, Social Inequality
Dr. David Michael Adams
Professor and Chair
Arts & Humanities
  - Biomedical Ethics
Physical & Life Sciences
  - Immunology; Medical microbiology, Liposome biotechnology; Biotechnology; Immune response to fungal infections; studies of microbes, infected tissue, and cancer cells; Avian flu
Dr. Jean S. Aigner
Professor of Anthropology
Social Sciences
  - Archaeology, China, American Arctic; International Education
Lisa Alex
Associate Professor
Physical & Life Sciences
  - Biochemistry; Intracellular signaling; Molecular Biology
Dr. Mark W. Allen
Assistant Professor
Social Sciences
  - Archaeology, Anthropology
Dr. Jeanne Almaraz
Assistant Professor, Management and Human Resources
Business & Economics
  - Leadership, teams, entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship, organizational change
Ms. Janet Almassy
Inst. Support Technician
Physical & Life Sciences
  - Environmental Health and Safety.
  - Ethnomusicology, Interdisciplinary general education studies.
Eric Andrada
Audio/Visual Coordinator
Computers & Technology
  - Audio, Live Sound Reinforcement, A/V System Integration, Repairs
Dr. Dragos Andrei, P.E.
Associate Professor
  - Pavements
Dr. Gently Ang
Learning Disability & Mental Health Specialist
Not Listed
Physical & Life Sciences
  - Surface Science and Device Fabrication
Physical & Life Sciences
  - Marine biology, Physiological Ecology of Seaweeds; Ecological Energetics; Photosynthetic physiology of kelps; Water pollution.
Pamela Arroues
Senior Assistant Librarian, Electronic Resources Cataloger
Computers & Technology
  - Metadata Crosswalks
Physical & Life Sciences
  - High Energy Physics; Classical & Quantum Mechanics; Field Theory; Quantum Field Theory; Cosmology; Particle Physics

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