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Andrea Bonisoli Alquati

Andrea Bonisoli Alquati’s research examines physiological and genetic responses to environmental disturbance and contamination, focusing on landscape-level experimental conditions created by environmental disasters, particularly the nuclear accidents of Chernobyl and Fukushima, and on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The team assesses the response of individual organisms using genetic, physiological and behavioral analyses. Variation across species in their exposure and sensitivity to contamination is analyzed in relationship to the ecological traits of the different species and used to predict their responses to contamination over time.

BonisoliAlquati has recently expanded his research to emerging contaminants and urban development. One project involves a multi-university team sampling microplastic levels in the ocean along the Southern California coast. A second project is measuring the physiological response of birds to urbanization-related contaminants in the Santa Monica Mountains.  

Recent Grants and Fellowships:

  • CSU COAST (co-PI; PI: Erika Holland, CSULB), with S. Anderson, M. Paig-Tran, M. Woo,”Microplastic Sampling, Processing and Detection Workshop,” $29,194, 2019
  • Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI) (co-PI; PI: Nancy Rabalais, LSU), with P.C. Stouffer, S.S. Taylor, E. Turner, and others,Oil Spills as Stressors in Coastal Marshes: The Legacy and the Future (CWC)”, $32,005, 2017
  • National Institutes of Health/Columbia University, (co-PI; with T.A. Mousseau, PI; W. Karmaus, co-PI), “Biodosimetry of Children Exposed to Low-level Radioactive Contamination,” $64,132.00

Selected Publications:



B.S., Natural Sciences; M.S., Analysis and Management of Natural Populations; Ph.D., Ecology, Università degli studi di Milano


English, Italian

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