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Gabriel Davidov-Pardo‘s research is focused on food products. Concerned about the large volume of food waste, one strand of his research is focused on the development of delivery systems for bioactives sourced from food industry by-products. This involves the development of novel food systems and the understanding of physicochemical and interfacial interactions between food components. In his lab, research students have worked on edible coatings for avocados, the potential of orange pomace polyphenol in food and beverage products, protein enriched gluten free pasta, and plant-based products.


Davidov-Pardo is also very interested in food product development. Mainly, he works in the development of plant-based foods or foods enriched with antioxidants from industrial waste by products. He implements multivariate statistical methods to optimize the development of food products. He is also involved in advising teams of students that participate in national and regional food product development competitions.


Recent Grants and Fellowships:

  • Co-PI, Agricultural Research Institute System Grant, “Developing Case Studies for Undergraduates – Valorization of Fruit and Vegetable Byproducts for New Product Development,” $230,136 (Cal Poly Pomona assigned $56,775, (2022-2025)
  • Co-PI, U.S. Department of Agriculture Higher Education Challenge, “FIRST in PD Teaching: Food Innovation, Research, Science, and Technology in Product Development Teaching” Total awarded amount $750,00 (Cal Poly Pomona assigned $75,000; 2021-2024)
  • Principal Investigator, SIRG Program Award, “An Interdisciplinary Study of the Glycation of E-Polylysine to Expand the Range of Applications as a Natural Antimicrobial Agent,” $15,000 (2020-2021)
  • Co-PI,” U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Outreach (FSOP) Competitive Grant, “Hybrid training for quality assurance and food safety programs designed for small-scale food processors and distributors,” $596,229 (Cal Poly Pomona assigned $145,692; 2020-2023)
  • Principal Investigator, Agricultural Research Institute at Cal Poly Pomona, “Encapsulation of orange pomace bioactives in complexes formed by proteins and polysaccharides,” $73,152 (2019-2021)
  • Principal Investigator, Southern California Institute of Food Technologies (SCIFTS) Education and Research Grant, “Dynamic Light Scattering Particle Analyzer to Characterize Colloidal Systems for Rational Design of Nanometric Delivery Systems,” $28,170 (2019-2020)
  • Principal Investigator, Agricultural Research Institute at Cal Poly Pomona, “Development of biopolymeric coatings to extend the shelf-life of avocados (Persea americana),” $25,685 (2018-2019)
  • Principal Investigator, Cal Poly Pomona Research, Scholarship n Creative Activity Grant, “Development of edible coatings to extend the shelf-life of strawberries (fragaria ananassa),” $4427 (2018)
  • Principal Investigator, Agricultural Research Institute at Cal Poly Pomona, “Development of high protein, high fiber gluten-free extruded pasta using pulse flour fractions,” $10,000 (2017- 2019)

Selected Publications:

  • With S. Caballero, Y.O. Li, and D.J. McClements, “Hesperetin (citrus peel flavonoid aglycone) encapsulation using pea protein–high methoxyl pectin electrostatic complexes: complex optimization and biological activity,” Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 2022
  • With F. Garcia, W-J. Lin and V. Mellano, “Effect of biopolymer coatings made of zein nanoparticles and ε-polylysine as postharvest treatments on the shelf-life of avocados (Persea americana Mill. Cv. Hass). Journal of Agriculture and Food Research. 7 (2022)
  • With S. Caballero, Y.O. Li, and D.J. McClements, “Encapsulation and delivery of bioactive citrus pomace polyphenols: a review,” Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 2021
  • With V. Shukla, A. Carlos-Martínez and Y.O. Li, “Optimization of Gluten-Free Pasta Formulation Enriched with Pulse Protein Isolates,” Journal of Culinary Science and Technology 2021
  • With S. Caballero, “Comparison of legume and dairy proteins for the impact of Maillard conjugation on nanoemulsion formation, stability, and lutein color retention,” Food Chemistry 338, 2021
  • With F. Garcia, “Recent advances in the use of edible coatings for preservation of avocados: A review,” Journal of Food Science, 86(1), 6-15, 2020
  • With B. Steiner, V. Shukla, D.J. McClements, Y.O. Li, and M. Sancho-Madriz, “Encapsulation of Lutein in Nanoemulsions Stabilized by Resveratrol and Maillard Conjugates,” Journal of Food Science 84, 2421-2431, 2019
  • With D. Jones and S. Caballero, “Bioavailability of nanotechnology-based bioactives and nutraceuticals” in Advances in Food and Nutrition Research Vol. 88, 235-274, (L.T. Lim, M. Rogers, P. Finglas and F. Toldrá, eds., El Sevier, 2019)
  • With B. Steiner and D.J. McClements, “Encapsulation systems for lutein: A review,” Trends in Food Science and Technology 82, 71-81, 2018
  • With Kwan, “Controlled release of flavor oil nanoemulsions encapsulated in filled soluble hydrogels,” Food Chemistry 250, 46-53, 2018
  • With J.C. Cuevas-Bernardino, F.M.A. Leyva-Gutierrez, E.J. Vernon-Carter, C. Lobato-Calleros, and A.
  • Román-Guerrero, “Formation of biopolymer complexes composed of pea protein and mesquite gum – Impact of quercetin addition on their physical and chemical stability,” Food Hydrocolloids 77, 736-745, 2018
  • With J. Tao, B. Burns-Whitmore, E.M. Cullen, and Y.O. Li, “Effects of edible insect ingredients on the physicochemical and sensory properties of extruded rice products,” Journal of Insects as Food and Feed: 3 (4), 263-278, 2017
  • With C.E. Gumus and D.J. McClements, “Lutein-enriched emulsion-based delivery systems: Impact of Maillard conjugation on physicochemical stability and gastrointestinal fate,” Food Hydrocolloid 60, 38-49, 2016
  • With I.J. Joye and D.J. McClements, “Nanotechnology in Food Processing” in Encyclopedia of Food and Health, 49-55 (B. Caballero, P. Finglas and F. Toldrá, eds., El Sevier, 2016)



P.A., Culinary Arts, Centro de Estudios Superiores de San Ángel

B.S., Food Science and Technology, Iberoamericana University

M.S., Food Science and Technology; Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, Public University of Navarre

Ph.D., Food Science and Technology; Ph.D., Food Science and Technology, Public University of Navarre


English, Spanish

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