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Jae Min Jung brings 20 years of experience to his research on consumer behavior and marketing. His work has examined issues ranging from the effective use of place of origin labels to cross-cultural differences in the social media use and its impact on marketing and e-commerce sites.


Jung is the director of the Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing at the College of Business Administration, which advances knowledge of consumer behavior in the digital economy through research, innovative educational programs, ands outreach to business community. Through the Center, students work with local businesses as consultants based on the collection and analysis of customer data and target markets, providing recommendations on issues ranging from messaging to identifying new target markets and positioning.


Jung pioneered the university’s online Data Wrangling and Visualization Certificate Program designed to provide students with data manipulation and visualization skills that accounts for 80% of data scientists’ jobs. The program includes functional coding in R, the open-source statistical and programming software known for its superior ability to manipulate data and create stunning visuals. He is also leading the development of Master of Science in Digital Marketing Program, which is currently undergoing through university’s final approval process.


Recent Grants and Fellowships:

  • With R. Stein, Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store, “Customer Segmentation Study,” $10,000 (2022-2023)
  • With R. Stein, Cal Poly Pomona Office of Academic Innovation, “State of Cal Poly Pomona Students’ Involvement in Polytechnic Experience (PolyX): Through Analysis of Exit Survey,” $3,000 (Spring 2021)
  • Intertrend Inc., “Toyota’s Online Campaign Effectiveness Data Analytics Project,” for 2019
  • With R. Stein, for Cal Poly Pomona’s Strategic Communications and Marketing Department, University Branding Research $5,000 (Spring 2019)
  • With R. Stein, Sandvik Coromant, a leading multi-national company providing cutting tools and solutions, “Service Feasibility Study,” for $5,000 (2017-2018)
  • Cal Poly Pomona Faculty Support Center, for buying software/learning materials needed for two research projects with students, $1,000 (2016-2017)
  • Cal Poly Pomona, SPICE grant “Turning IBM330 (Marketing Research I) into a Hands-On Learning, Project-Driven, Flipped Class,” $2,452 ( 2016-2017)
  • With R. Stein, Gynie, Inc., “New Product Development and Marketing Strategy Study,” $6,500 (2016-2017)
  • With Dr. N.H. Choi, Chonbuk National University, consumer emotions project, $5,250 (August 2016)

Selected Publications:

  • With S.M. Kyeong, K.R. Schiele, A. Hu, X. Liu, C.P. Haugtvedt, and J.J. Kellaris, “Cross-Cultural Differences in Social Media Use: Implications for International Social Media Marketing Strategy,” in The SAGE Handbook of Social Media Marketing (A. Hanlon and T. Tuten, eds. SAGE, 30-57, 2022)
  • With S.M. Kyeong and D. Martin, “The Role of Reversal Theory in Digital Advertising” in Digital Advertising: Theory and Research, Vol. 3 (S. Rodgers and E. Thorson, eds., Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group, 124-137, 2017)
  • With K.S. Min and K. Ryu, “Listen to their Heart: Why Does Active Listening Enhance Customer Satisfaction after a Service Failure,” International Journal of Hospitality Management, 96 (July), 102956, 2021
  • With J.M. Jones, C.P. Haugtvedt, and S. Banerjee, “Consumer Response to State-of-Origin Labels: The Moderating Role of Residency,” the Journal of Consumer Marketing, 37 (7), 761-773, 2000 DOI:
  • “Timing of Apology After Service Failure: The Moderating Role of Future Interaction Expectation on Customer Satisfaction,” Marketing Letters, Jun 5, 2020
  • “The Interplay between Consumer Self-View, Cognitive Style, and Creative Visual Metaphors in Print Advertising,” Journal of Marketing Communication, 2019
  • “The Impact of Emotional Arousal Levels and Valence on Product Evaluations: From Regulatory Goal Perspective,” European Journal of Marketing, January 2016
  • “Does Telic/Paratelic User Mode Matter on the Effectiveness of Interactive Internet Advertising? A Reversal Theory Perspective,” Journal of Business Research, 2014
  • “Effects of Self-Construals on Consumer Assertiveness/Aggressiveness: Evidence from Thai and U.S. Samples,” Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, July 2013
  • “Designing Advertising Campaigns for Destinations with Mixed Images: Using Visitor Campaign Goal Messages to Motivate Visitors,” Journal of Business Research, June 2013
  • “The Games People Play: How the Entertainment Value of Online Ads Helps or Harms Persuasion,” Psychology & Marketing, June 2011



B.B.A., Chonbuk National University, South Korea

M.B.A., Business Statistics, University of North Texas

Ph.D., Marketing, University of Cincinnati

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