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Kamran Abedini, Ph.D., Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Cal Poly Pomona

Kamran Abedini devised “Puzzles Principles,” a teaching technique that uses cognitive and active-learning methods to connect the “big picture” with problems and unique solutions, much like the individual pieces that make up a jigsaw puzzle. The approach has successful applications in learning, teaching and industry practices. The American Society for Engineering Education recognizes Abedini as “an outstanding teacher who has contributed to the successful learning of students” for pioneering the concept.”


Outside the classroom, Abedini’s expertise focuses on ergonomics and human engineering, a field concerned with improving human well-being in the work environment and the productivity of systems. He specializes in ergonomics and biomechanical analysis – a branch of science that combines the study of human movement with the products and environments with which they interact to design pain-free and injury-free environments.


His other areas of research interest include production and supply chain planning; and lean manufacturing, the production process that reduces operating costs while improving product quality.


Since 2000, Abedini has served as Faculty Advisor for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers, the world’s largest society for industrial engineering and quality and productivity professionals.

Recent Grants and Fellowships:

  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Provost Excellence in Teaching Award, 2017; and Outstanding Teaching Award, 2015
  • California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, College of Engineering, Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award, 2013

Selected Publications:

  • Supply Chain and Production Planning and Control,” Econoficient Publication, 2017
  • Puzzle Principles and Engineering Education,” QScience Proceedings, Proceedings of the Annual Conference of Engineering Leaders for Engineering Education, 4(77), 2015


B.S., Industrial and Systems Engineering, San Jose State of University

M.S., Engineering Management; Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering; University of Southern California


Farsi (Persian) and English

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