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Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson’s primary areas of expertise are in the areas renewable energy technology development, spacecraft thermal control, sustainable solar energy systems, innovative combustion engine development and computational fluid dynamics research. He has over 20 years of practical industry experience and has published over 100 published papers and conference proceedings on a variety of areas. At Cal Poly Pomona, he is the Director of Solar Thermal Alternative Renewable Energy (STARE) Lab, Director of Non-linear FEA / CFD Multi-physics Simulation Lab and faculty advisor for Alternative Renewable Sustainable Energy Club (ARSEC) and faculty co-advisor for the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). He is also the faculty advisor for the newly charted Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) as of Fall 2018.

Recent Grants and Fellowships:

  • COMPO Energy, “Solar Updraft Tower,” 2014-2018, $20,000
  • ASHRAE Grant, “Ductless Mini-split Demonstration Units,” 2017, $5,000
  • Co-PI with M. Skowronski, LLC “Impulse Momentum Drive Simulation Using ADAMS,” 2017, $2,500
  • Co-PI with A. Sharbat (CE) and R.B. Lakeh (ET), Metropolitan Water District World Water Forum Grant “Solar Powered Desalination and Purification, “System of Inland Brackish Water Using Reverse Osmosis,” 2016, $10,000
  • Quantum Technology Group, “Characterization of an Ionized Fluid Heat Pipe,” 2013-2014, $5,000
  • NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory,” “Raise the Bar Funding for Cubesat Thermal Control,” 2013, $15,000
  • NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, “Raise the Bar Funding for “Highly Reusable Host Spacecraft,” 2012-2013, $8,000
  • Co-PI with S. Bhandari (ARO) PI and F. Tang (CS), Northrop-Grumman, “RMAX UAV/ UAG Robotic Project,” 2011-2012, $50,000

Selected Publications:

  • With W. Yassine, “Testing and Simulation of a Solar PV System with PWM Charge Controller and Battery Storage,” in review Intl. J. of Renewable Energy Technology, Sep. 2018.
  • With K. Hakamian, M. Shafahi and R.B. Lakeh, “Thermal Design and Analysis of a Solid-State Grid-Tied Thermal Energy Storage for Hybrid Compressed Air Energy Storage Systems,” in prepartion for submittal to ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology (ASME JERT) Volume 141 – 4/2019 – Special Issue on ASME 2018 212th International Conference on Energy Sustainability
  • With C. McNamara, T. Gross and A. Gatti (ITS, Inc.), “Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization of a Four-Stage Cascade Vapor Compression Refrigeration System,” in review AIAA Journal of Heat Transfer and Thermophysics, July, 2018
  • With T. Gross, C. McNamara and A. Gatti (ITS, Inc.), “Thermodynamic Analysis of a Cascade Refrigeration Cycle for Venus Lander Electronics Cooling,” in review AIAA Journal of Heat Transfer and Thermophysics, July, 2018.
  • With by J. Lin and A. Wong, “Experimental and Numerical Study of Windage Losses in the Narrow Gap Region of a High-Speed Electric Motor,” Fluids, 2018, (1), 22; doi:10.3390/fluids3010022
  • With T. Gross, C. McNamara and A. Gatti, “Venus Lander Electronics Payload Thermal Management Using a Multi-Stage Refrigeration System,” AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, manuscript ID 2017-06-T5286, March 13, 2018; DOI: 10.2514/1.T5286,
  • “More Power To You! Affording More Power in Smaller Packages using Novel Electronics Cooling Solutions,” CD-ADAPCO Dynamics Magazine, October, 2015 issue.


  • “Engineering Students Win Award for Energy Innovation,” Cal Poly Pomona, PolyTrends, Winter 2017 Magazine.
  •  “Heap of Innovation – Talented Student Team Turns Waste Into Megawatts – and Wins Coveted International Award,” featuring Dr. Kevin R. Anderson, Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering Magazine, 2016-17 Issue, pg. 25.


B.S.M.E., California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

M.S.M.E. & Ph.D., University of Colorado, Boulder

PM.E.P.E., California

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