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Assistant Professor Liane Hypolite

Liane Hypolite has spent over a decade assisting working class, first-generation, and racially minoritized students to and through college as both a practitioner and researcher across high school, community college, and university settings.


Hypolite is interested in school-university-community partnerships that facilitate equity across K-12 and higher education institutions. Her research interests include college supports that improve student success.


Prior to her faculty role at Cal Poly Pomona, she served as the Dean of College and Career Advising at Codman Academy Charter Public School and has also worked at the national college access and success non-profit, Bottom Line, helping students across the state of Massachusetts.


Recent Grants and Fellowships:

  • AERA Division G Mini-Grant, “Towards Coalition Building: A Survey Study of the Use of the Term ‘People of Color’ Across High School Teachers,” $3,750 (2021)
  • Barbara Nakaoka Foundation, “Becoming Leaders for Equity: Actions and Beliefs Towards Antiracist Educational 2020 Leadership,” $25,000 (2020)
  • University of Southern California, “Towards College and Racism-Readiness: Examining the Racialized Experiences of Urban Charter Graduates Attending HWIs,” $1,500 (2019)
  • University of Southern California, “Black Undergraduate Networking: A Relational Understanding of Connections, Constraints and Capital,” $1,500 (2018)
  • University of Southern California, “People, Place and Connections: An Ethnography of a Black Cultural Centers and Social Capital,” $1,500  (2017)
  • Nell Singer Foundation, “Codman Academy Alumni Longitudinal Study,” $150,000  (2017-2020)

Selected Publications:

  • The irony of the social justice campus” — Medium, Nov. 13, 2023
  • How to network in college without losing your soul,” Medium, Aug. 13, 2022
  • With D. Cole and A. Atashi, “Black Muslims,” in Islamophobia in Higher Education: Combating Discrimination and Creating Understanding, (S. Ahmandi and D. Cole, eds., Stylus Publishing, 2020)
  • “Black Undergraduate Networking on an Urban, Historically White Campus: The Making of Social Capital. Education and Urban Society,” Education and Urban Society, 1-24, 2022
  • With J.A. Kitchen and A. Kezar, “At-promise college student major and career self-efficacy ecology model,” Journal of Diversity in Higher Education,, 2021
  • With J. Kitchen and A. Kezar, “More than a Pathway: Creating a Major and Career Ecology that Promotes the Success of Low-income, First-generation, and Racially Minoritized Students,” About Campus, 2021
  • “’It just helps to know that there are people who share your experience’: Exploring Racial Identity Development Through a Black Cultural Center,” The Journal of Negro Education, 89(3), 233-248, 2020
  • “’We’re drawn to this place’: Black graduate students’ engagement with a Black cultural center,” Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 1-11, 2020
  • “People, Place, and Connections: Black Cultural Center Staff as Facilitators of Social Capital,” Journal of Black Studies, 51(1), 37–59, 2019
  • With A.M. Stewart, “A Critical Discourse Analysis of Institutional Responses to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election,” Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 1–11, 2019
  • With A.A. Tichavakunda, “Experiencing Financial Aid at a Historically White Institution: A Critical Race Analysis,” Journal of Student Financial Aid, 49(1), 1–22, 2019
  • With M.E. Sanchez, C.B. Newman and D.G. Cole, “Black Women in STEM: The Need for Intersectional Supports in Professional Conference Spaces,” The Journal of Negro Education, 88(3), 297–310, 201



B.A., Sociology; B.A., Psychology, Brandeis University

Ed.M, Education Policy and Management, Harvard University Graduate School of Education

Ph.D, Education Policy – Higher Education, Specialization: Sociology, University of Southern California

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